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Irina Kramer

Irina Kramer

I'm a front end web developer with over 10 years of coding experience. I worked at Fortune 100, medium and start-up companies, most recently at Vitec Imaging Solutions building interactive eCommerce experiences for its many brands, such as Lowepro, JOBY, Manfrotto, Gitzo.

I love learning and am constantly updating my technical skills. I live in Petaluma, California and like spending my non-programming time with my kids.


Lowepro Quickfinder App

Lowepro Quickfinder. Single Page App for quick navigation

The requirement was to build a web app for quickly finding the right bag for your camera. I designed UI/UX, developed prototype and programmed the app. I used lightweight MVC framework SPApp, jQuery, custom SVG icons, CSS and HTML, integrated in PHP environment. Later I refactored the app for Typo3 CMS. redesign. e-Commerce store front in Magento.

I created responsive templates for product and landing pages to be used in Magento platform, programmed an interface to automatically feed product specs from back-end CMS into front end displey. Customized Magento /rwd theme for JOBY brand requirements, created interactive elements such as sliders, animations, UI components. Worked in HTML, CSS, SCSS, PHP and JavaScript.

Responsive mega menu for

Responsive Mega Menu. Lightweight CSS menu for

The requierement was to create a new site menu with one click to the product. I developed this mega menu using only CSS, no JavaScript. My goal was to maximize performance and scalability. The menu takes advantage of CSS3 gradients and transitions, and includes SVG icons. On tablets and phones it transforms into a slide-out side menu. redesign. e-Commerce and marketing fully responsive sites.

I developed responsive templates for the new marketing site, customized Magento responsive theme for the Lowepro eCommerce site, integrated responsive menu, and implemented performance optimization techniques. I worked in Magento platform and Modx CMS, coded in HTML, CSS, SASS, JavaScript and JQuery.

Responsive grid with Flexbox

Responsive Grid with Flexbox. Lightweight grid for mobile sites and apps.

I built a fully responsive, framework-independent grid from the ground up. It supports mobile, tablet and desktop media queries; has a few sample layouts implementations, and is based on mobile-first concept. I used HTML5, SASS/CSS3 and Flexbox element.

LpBlog redesign. Wordpress responsive theme implementation

I customized a Wordpress theme with Lowepro style guidelines, created new blog templates for our writers and migrate old blog into the the new look.


JOBY blog

JOBY blog redesign. Responsive Wordpress theme implementation

My job was to re-create JOBY blog and its architecture, customize a Wordpress theme with new JOBY styles and develop blog templates for our contributors.

Math Skills Tutorial. Single page app in JavaScript, AngularJS and Bootstrap

An online tutorial for learning pre-algebra and arithmetic, used by SRJC students enrolled in math classes. The app guides users in solving problems in a step by step approach, providing instant feedback. My role is to develop new directives in Angular and JavaScript, create new problem sets, update existing problems and provide regular code maintenance.

math project

My travel map

My Travel Map. An interactive Google Map with photo slideshows

This is a map of the places I visited or lived at. The places are marked on the map as cities and countries. Clicking on a marker opens thumbnails, then a thumbnail opens an interactive slider with full size photos. The map is continuous and can be moved by dragging a mouse. I used Google Maps API, JQuery, Slimbox API, and JSON. Work on various Intel websites

During my web development and project management years at Intel I designed, implemented and supported various global websites for Intel's external and internal audiences.

Intel Latin America